Samuel Ridenour House                                             Samuel Ridenour House #2


The Virginia Settlement
 or The Four Mile 
Church of the Brethren


        By Rev. Merle C. Rummel






PETER RIDENOUR            m. 1792         Margaret Darcuss

b. 2/8/1771   Hagarstown, MD              b. 11/17/1775 Washington Co MD

d. 3/17/1844  Preble Co. OH               d. 6/18/1855  Preble Co. OH

f. Jacob Ridenour                         f. Frederick Darcuss

m. Susannah Fisher                        m. Margaret

                          m. Washington Co. MD

Ridenour family followed the migration from Coventry, Chester Co. to the

Conococheague, or Washington Co. MD

1800 ‑Preble Co. OH;  settled land on Little Four Mile, 1 mile west of

     Indian Road, west edge of Huston Woods State Park now.

     Indian presence too great, moved to Venice, Butler Co. OH for 6 yrs

1806 ‑returned to Four Mile, built saw mill and grist mill at falls

1807 ‑established whiskey distillery at mill

War of 1812 ‑with sons, Samuel and Jonathan

bro Joseph settle up stream, sister Susannah m Gasper Potterf, nearby

ch:  (16, 9 known)

R4A1  Samuel  (1793‑1950)   m. 1819, Barbara Miller     College Corner

R4A2  Jonathan (1794‑1855)  m. 1820, Rosanna Potterf   W. Alexandria, OH

      Jacob                 m. 1817, Letitia Brown (B25)  Cass Co. MI

      Sarah                 m. 1823, John Cantrell

R4A4  Isaac  (1807‑1889)    m. 1831, Margaret Doty      Preble Co. OH

K126  Margaret (1811‑1866)  m. 1829, Abraham Kingery    College Corner

R4A6  Nancy  (1818‑1888)    m. 1835, George Wilson      Union Co. IN

      Susanna  (   ‑1898)   m. 1837, Robert Moore       Butler Co. OH

      Elizabeth (1816‑1895) m. 1835, George Brown       Wayne Co. IN

      Polly  (1821‑1897)    m. 1840, Jesse Doty         Butler Co. OH

      Mary  (1839-1840)     (dau of Peter & Margaret)!




SAMUEL RIDENOUR           m. 10/28/1819   Barbara Miller          (M163)

b. 10/7/1791  Hagarstown, MD              b. 5/12/1803  Franklin Co. VA

d. 7/30/1850  College Corner, IN          d. 7/19/1883

bur: College Corner Cemetery              bur: College Corner Cemetery

f. Peter Ridenour                         f. Tobias Miller

m. Margaret Darcuss                       m. Sarah Henderson

                          m. Franklin Co. IN

War of 1812, with Father  "Major"

1834 ‑plotted town of College Corner, OH.  Brick House, south edge of

     College Corner, Indiana side, edge of College Corner Cemetery

     gave land for Methodist Church

sons promoted/managed railroad building: Junction RR

     Hamilton to Indianapolis, (to Liberty, December, 1860)

died of infection, erysipelas, cutting grain with sickle

1861 ‑letter ‑April 1 (Appendix I) lost 3 daughters typhoid epidemic (1861)

     "Barbara about gave up and died"


     Jonathan  (1820‑1889)  m. 1840, Martha Diven       Indianapolis, IN

     David  (1822‑1823)

     Charles P (1824‑1891)  m. 1859, Catherine Near     Kingston, NY

     William H (1825‑1859)  m. 1851, Elizabeth Bevis    Cincinnati, OH

     Abraham  (1827‑1856)

     Sarah Ann (1829‑1850)  m. 1849, John O'Neil        Xenia, OH

     Peter D (1831‑1909)    m. 1858, Sarah L Beatty     Kansas City, MO

     Tobias  (1832‑1922)    m. 1870, Maria J Beard      Union Co. IN

     Samuel  (1835‑         m. 1864, Anna R Brown       Kansas City, MO

     John M  (1838‑1869)    m. 1866, Katherine Hesse    Chetopa, KS

     Martha  (1840‑1861)

     Irving M (1842‑        m. 1886, Emma Jenkin        Richmond, IN

     Elisha  (1844‑        1/m 1870, Emma Johnson       Liberal, MO

                           2/m 1902, Perlette Hallenback

     Elijah  (1844‑1845)

     Ellen  (1845‑1861)

     Louisa  (1847-1861)

     Barbara (1849‑1861)




JONATHAN RIDENOUR         m. 11/16/1820   Rosanna Potterf   (R4CC)

b. 1794   Washington Co. MD               b. 12/3/1805 Rockbridge Co. VA

d. c1875                                  d. 8/25/1876 Preble Co. OH

f. Peter Ridenour                         f. Gasper Potterf

m. Margaret Darcuss                       m. Susannah Ridenour

                          m. Preble Co. OH

lived West Alexandria, OH; Preble Co. Lanier twp

War of 1812, with father


     Samuel  (1822‑         m. 1858, Louise Zitzer

     2 more Children:

     Margaret (1828‑        m. 1854, John Helm

     Cynthia A (1835‑

     Casper  (1838‑1880)    m. 1873, Mary Pontius

     Eliza  (1840‑          m. 1865, James Means

     Elizabeth (1842‑

     Mary  (1844‑           m. 1863, John Petry

     Oliver  (1846‑         m. 1878, Mira               Kansas

     Frances  (1847‑        m.            Wilson

     Orlando  (1852‑1888)   m. 1874, Fannie Wkle        Emporia, KS



ISAAC RIDENOUR            m.              Margaret Doty

b. 1806  Preble Co. OH

f. Peter Ridenour

m. Margaret Darcuss

lived Preble Co. OH ‑in area of Huston Woods State Park

Doty was local early family, home now Park Farmstead


     Jacob  (1833‑          m.       Anna               Union Co. IN

     Cornelius (1838‑

     Aaron  (1843‑

     Nancy  (1844‑1910)     m. 1862, Wm. C. Miller (A1494) Butler Co

     Peter  (1846‑

     Sarah  (1846‑



NANCY RIDENOUR            m.              George Wilson

b. 2/29/1818  Preble Co. OH               b. 3/24/1814          OH

d. 5/8/1888   Union Co. IN                d. 1/30/1902  College Corner

bur: College Corner Cemetery              bur: College Corner Cemetery

f. Peter Ridenour                         f. Josiah Wilson

m. Margaret Darcuss

lived Potter John Miller house ‑south of College Corner

     property purchased by father, Josiah, from Potter John


     Thomas M (1839‑

     Susannah  (1841‑

     William  (1844‑c1855)

     John H  (1847‑         m. 1870, Flora L.

     Laura B  (1854‑




JONATHAN RIDENOUR         m. 1840         Martha Diven

b. 1820      Preble Co. OH                b. 1822                OH

f. Samuel Ridenour

m. Barbara Miller

                          m. Union Co. IN

Merchant ‑College Corner

to Indianapolis


     Mary A  (1843‑

     Sarah E  (1846‑

     Barbara E  (1848‑

     Albert M  (1859‑




JOSEPH RIDENOUR           m. 1/18/1794    Susanna Troxel

b. 3/19/1773 Elizabethtown MD             b.  1774

d. 9/23/1840 Preble Co                    d. 8/23/1856  Preble Co. OH

bur: family farm                          bur: family farm

f. Jacob

m. Susanna Fisher

lived near Hagarstown MD

c1808 -moved to Hamilton Co OH

      -moved to Preble Co, on Little Four Mile Creek, above Peter

        attempted to run competitive mill to Peter, unsuccessively


     Jacob  (1797-        m. 1817, Letitia Brown

     John  (1800-         m. 1829, Sarah Cottrell

     Susanna  (1801-

     Isaac  (1803-1866)   m. 1825, Anne Cottrell

     Margaretta (1805-    m. 1820, John Albaugh

     Joseph  (1808-

     Washington (1810-1887) 1/m Barbara Leathers

     Rebecca              m.       John Albaugh

R4B9 Samuel  (1816-1888)  m. 1838, Catherine Garver

     Nancy  (1818-        m. 1841, Lewis Bader



SAMUEL RIDENOUR           m. 1/4/1838     Catherine Garver

b. 3/30/1816                              b. 10/28/1816    OH

d. 9/20/1888                              d. 3/15/1887

                                          bur: College Corner Cem

f. Joseph Ridenour                        f. Christian Garver

m. Annie Troxell                          m. Elizabeth Loutz



     David  (1840-1921)   m. 1867, Pauline Flock     College Corner


     Luman  (1846-1938)   m. 1869, Sarah Adams       College Corner

     Isaac  (1849-1911)

     Lott C (1850-1930)   m.       Elizabeth        ?Knightstown, IN

     James  (1851-1927)   m.       Mary McLaughlin   College Corner

     Martha (1853-1923)   m. 1872, George Tutley     College Corner

     Mary  (1858-1931)    m. 1886, Samuel McLaughlin



SUSANNAH RIDENOUR         m. 1784         Gaspar Potterf

b.  1766                                  b. 12/14/1759  Tupelhocken PA

d. 11/7/1831  Preble Co                   d. 10/4/1836   Preble Co OH

f. Jacob Ridenour                         f. Hermanns Baldorf

m. Susannah Fisher                        m. Catherine Reith

                                          \2/w Nancy Longnecker 1832

Gaspar:  1768 to Frederick Co MD, 1777 Frederick Co Militia0

         1779 to Rockbridge Co VA

1806 -Preble Co OH  sawmill, flour mill, distillery


        Jacob  (1786-1862)

    Susannah  (1787-1845)

    John  (1788-1829)

    Elizabeth (1790-1869)

    Magdalena (1795-1874)

    Nancy  (1796-1874)

    Joseph  (1797-1859)

    Samuel  (1798-1848)

    Sarah  (1799-1879)

    Anna  (1801-1902)

    David  (1802-1874)

R42 Rosanna (1805-1876)  m. 1820, Jonathan Ridenour

    Jefferson (1807-1852)